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Great people

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I really loved the people I worked with her, but the terminal manager was not my favorite boss. I always felt like I had to work twice as hard to earn respect and fair treatment. Would never work there again.
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Benefits are great. Pay is good.The largest issue to be honest is a parent company that would not exist if it weren't for ABF called arcbest that is slowly attempting to kill ABF.
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Great benefits, decent pay

Union job. Incredible paid for union benefits. pay is alright, one of the lowest hourly rates for LTL freight. As you saw above, UNION. I pay my dues, but can't say I'm on board with them. There's always some political bs going on between management and the union. bunch of cry baby union employees. that's your decision to decide how you feel about the union. If you need to transfer terminals, don't. just find a new job. I was forced to resign and rehire which resulted in me losing 10% pay, all vacation and insurance benefits, and is was in a different region so my pension was affected as well. basically had to restart as a completely new hire after 2.5 years. seniority rules so you will be working overnights and across the weekend for several years unless you work end-of-line. you won't drive hardly ever. dock or yard work only. if you are at a larger terminal you will work an 8 hour bid shift and can only work overtime if it is offered to you. overall I do not recommend working here. Great benefits and job security but in my opinion, the union ruins it.
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3 stars

What is the best part of working at the company?Good company for money bad schedule. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?You should respect the sleeping time you don’t suppose to call me for work at bed time. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?If you are at the bottom of seniority get a lot of Red Bull.
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Productive and fun

Benefits were ok however they micro managed you and the crm tool they hounded you on. Lot of travel and they always wanted the pipeline of accounts updated ever eeek
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Great working environment

Great people to work with and the benefits are hard to beat. Work is challenging at time; however, if you can drive here you can drive anywhere. Pay could be better to match cost of living on island.
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Never laid off. Communications are clear on dispatch. Any issues on road are taken care by the Company. Equipment very reliable.

I'm a road driver at one of ABF large terminals. For the most part the job is what I expected working for an LTL company. Driving nights is normal. As I worked more years, I've been able to bid up on better jobs through the bid process. Never laid off, job has been consistent. Very little problems with pay. Great health benefits. I get sick days and vacation time off and holidays for the most part. It is a Union shop. Most coworkers are respectable. The challenging part of this job is the need to manage and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Living unhealthy will make this type of work difficult.


Consistent work, benefits, good pay. $90, 000+yr.


Lack of weekends off
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Schedule is tough

Don’t get paid as much as other frieght competitors but the insurance is inexpensive. The schedule is absolutely brutal and way, WAY, behind. You have to be on-call all the time and work 6 days straight to get 2 days off. It’ll take you 2-3 years to get a set schedule and you’ll still have to work 6 days straight. Also, laydowns. Only benefit is insurance, not pay, not schedule.
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Fast paced environment, plenty of growth

Great place to be part of something bigger. Plenty of opportunity to advance, as well as relocation opportunities. You cN definitely grow with this company.
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if I stated anything it would be this, take care of your mental and physical health you are the only person that cares the most about it. They will try anything to fire you.




Short breaks, PTO limited
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Good pay/benefits

Decent place to work, good pay, benefits. Rather long hours, but the work makes it go by pretty quick. Overall happy with everything.
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Great benefits

Great place to work, will work all shifts in the beginning as you will be on call, will work all positions as well Dock, flat bed, low boy , city driver , shuttle .
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Great company

Great company to work for. Excellent benefits. New equipment. Dispatch is always helpful and never leave you stranded. Busy year around. Extra board drivers are kept busy.
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Not Room for Growth

Don't look to come to ABF to grow with the company. The company from the top at the corporate level say there is promotions but you do not see it. The compensation is low.
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Good manager, good group of drivers

Good place to work, be ready to work off hours however, probably around 9-10 hours a day. Can definitely be fast pace and challenging at times but that’s transportation.
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Not terrible. But good enough.

The issue at this location is the teamsters. I’ve been to many different union companies in many different states, but the ones here are very difficult to work with. I now understand the turnover rates on both side of the workforce.
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Forever temp

You'll be hired under the presumption of being permanent and once your not needed you will be discarded. The plus side is if you can afford to be on unemployment you can stay on it forever.
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Good job for those that like to work 6 to 7 days a week

This is a good job but it has it's downsides. If you can't handle cold winters and hot summers or working 6 days a week look for other work. The benefits here are almost unmatched being 100% company paid with very low copays. It's a pain to get enrolled though. Pension. You'll be forced to work 6 days a week at a moments notice so be prepared once you are out of training. Most the guys here would happily scalp you to save their own skin.
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Ok job

It's an OK job doing local pick up in deliveries the pay is OK the days are long Management has no clue what they're doing if you're a good worker they will take advantage of you and let the slackers do what they want
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Don't waste your time.

They pretty much just move you around for two weeks during training. Then you get put on a casual list because it's union and everything is done by senority . For the most part it's favoritism if they don't like you they don't call you back. Don't waste your time here move on.
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Not a bad company. It’s management that’s the problem but then again that’s just about everything. Union company with good insurance and pension is a plus.
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