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Good first-experience with customer and sales interaction

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I was able to improve communication skills working the costumers throughout my time working at Banana Republic. I was also taught to understand whats current with out clothing line and how to operate different positions whether it be sales associates or working behind the register.


Management was a bit inflexible to work schedules and did not discuss pay prior to hire.
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3. Dezember 2018
Thanks for your feedback! It's important for us to invest in our employees' careers and teaching them valuable skills they can use on and off the job. We hope you will continue to utilize the skills you acquired on our team throughout your career.


Company is making too many changes all at once and not giving proper thought or time into the added workload and not giving more labor hours to complete it.


Salary is great


Hourly rates are below average
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Overall Work Experience

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Banana Republic. The managers and coworkers were, and I did learn a lot from working there.I learned how to fold clothes and learn about clothing sizes and fitting people.I even learned how to complete, package and ship online orders.The work environment was enjoyable. One time when I had to find items for a guest, I ended up not finding them even though our computers had the inventory count as 1. It was improved when they introduced a new inventory tracking system to make it easier to see and know the inventory of different locations.Another thing I did not like was the layout of the registers. I know the company wanted a business hotel-like experience, but it needs a redesign.In the end, I had more pros than cons in my experience, and will not know what everyone else thought.
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Typical Retail Store

Banana Republic is a decent job for those who have another job or are going to school. The general manager is great, however some other managers are not. Other managers tend to be easily stressed and lash out at employees. Naturally, this causes tension at work. There were days when I felt stressed on the job and overwhelmed by the lack of help. The tasks are straightforward, but during peak periods, it can be chaotic. Some managers lack communication skills and cause a bad day for everyone who works. The company will work with your personal schedule, which is the primary reason I worked at Banana Republic. If you carry out your tasks, you will not be micromanaged by some managers. Some employees wouldn't help too, and management overlooked that.
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Good place to work

Great place to work for my first time being manager. Pay was okay could’ve been more considering how much work I put in, but overall I didn’t have any issues with my management team or employees.
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Its a regular boring job the management was good had a really good general manager but no one likes it there everyone is sad and miserable and you can tell its a struggle to get decent wage there for all associates working harder then they pay
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Good vibes

I enjoyed the workplace. It really depends who your co workers are. Busy during the holidays. Decent hours, decent pay. Good part time job for money and sales experience.
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All jobs have good and bad days, the work is good.

Management isn’t the best at the moment but with good coworkers it’s very fun. The work is easy to figure out and get a hang of. We do stay until 10pm sometimes more but it isn’t too bad, goes by quick.


Some managers are very caring, coworkers are nice, breaks are good


Some managers are bad and they don’t explain things clearly before hand
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Incompetent Management

You will do all the work while the managers hang out in the back office. Customers will expect you to give them great service even though you are the only one working the entire store.
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Very few hours

They based your hours on sales quota expected unstable hours, unrealistic goal with credit card and rude customer and being pressured with sale quota
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3 stars

What is the best part of working at the company?They are flexible when it comes to schedule needs. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Low pay and only offer part-time so no benefits unless you are in management.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?A bit juvenile and “ click like”. The management are personal friends and make no effort to hide it. There is no reason to talk about their personal friendships in front of other employees. I don’t recommend working for them if you are over 50. I find a lot of things that are unfair due to my age. Seems as though there are a different set of rules for me. I work just as hard and am the top performer and yet treated often with disrespect. I will say my prior management team was very different so it could just be this particular group of managers to be fair to the company.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Selling of course . Pressure to get get customers to sign up for their loyalty and credit card programs. Folding folding folding and straightening of the floor.
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Indifferent to the company. Just worked here part-time while in school. Some of the assistant managers were supportive while others were quite toxic to work with.
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Good job for a student

Don’t hesitate to apply here if you only responsibility is work.You don’t get hours. And mostly you will find yourself working in a no team work environment.Lack of support, you will be mostly of the time in the fitting room unless one of the managers is your friend.
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Decent job

Working here is like your typical clothing retail job. During my time here management seemed to have a hard time communicating with each other about employee needs, but other than that the job was fine.
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Good entry job for retail

Overall good, fun entry level job. Flexible hours. Seasoned employees know retail well. Mostly friendly environment. Management needs improvement. Would improve morale.
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Way too uptight

Managers are extremely overbearing and pick at your every move. This environment is not for everyone so be aware before applying what you’re signing up for.
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Fun for a part time job

The managers I've worked with are nice and have always been pretty flexible as far as scheduling goes. Of course you have to work majority weekends and holiday seasons are blacked out. For the most part customers are nice but you get a few of those customers that are jerks. All in all a good culture as far as retail goes.
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Great Start ,benefits, but no company growth

I’ve worked with this company for 9yrs the benefits and resources are excellent. The company treats and acknowledgements are there. The management from District managers, to store management to corporate is a revolving door. Instead of hiring folks whom are dedicated to the company that put years in they overlook. They hire outsiders which make no sense because they than don’t want to put in the time to train.




No company ladder or room to grow within the company.
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An okay place to work

A typical retail job not great not horrible. Management pressures you to get people signed up for credit cards and the rewards system. Pay isn’t good.
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