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Hervorragendes Arbeitsumfeld und Betriebsklima, sehr viele technische aber auch nicht technische Themengebiete und Fachbereiche, tolle Qualifikations-, Trainings- und Weiterbildungsangebote,


Sehr gutes und kostengünstiges Essen, unzählige Mitarbeiterangebote und Vergünstigungen in allen Bereichen


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Ambiente lavorativo stimolante e flessibile

Ottima azienda, i colleghi sono molto disponibili. Orario di lavoro flessibile e non estenuante.
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Very nice depending on which position you work at.

8,5 hour shift with two enforced breaksmorning, afternoon or night shiftmanagement can be very nice or not depending on the teamdepends on teammeeting nice people and learning many new thinks


pay is fair even for entry level jobs and if you are in shift work you do not work more than 8, 5 hours


could be stressfull to coordinate breaks in certain teams
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I recommend it

Well paid positions, organized company, nice facilities in a nice location, flexibility about working hoursIn my team there was not the guidance and the help a master student need.
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Mediocre company with some work life balance.

Its a mediocre company which has good work life balance. Literally pays peanuts in terms of salary. If you are ambitious don't join here... they don't let you rise easily, especially outsiders.
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Uniquly Innovation is Respected, Work is Great

Automotive engineering at Infineon is mostly a joy for true engineers and imaginative thinkers. It often depends on what project you do and who your managers are. My experience was fantastic, the staff are polite and professional from all over europe. They also manufacturer the automotive chips that go into most cars you drive. They are innovative yet paradoxically miserably fail to capitalise on spin-offs. So staff move on to make their fortune on ideas that Infineon knows 100% about were told about and people begged managers at Infineon to fund, but they do not. This is not terrible just their policy, they just want to sell chips to auto makers and if you write AI or C++ software for their chips and make a billion good luck to you. Good place for embedded engineers for perhaps up to 12 months.
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Productive workplace

I t was a great experience working for Infineon. I liked the surroundings, the team I worked with and the flexibility the job had. A very productive and fun workplace with lots of benefits.
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Otima azienda e bellissima realtà! Serietà e professionalità

Ho svolto in Infineon la mia tesi di laurea in ingegneria e mi sono trovato benissimo! Esperienza fantastica, stipendio più di quanto potrei aspettarmi come ingegnere in Italia. Consigliatissima
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Great company

Great company, great people, interesting projects to work, good connections, good relationship, nice environment, Italy very close, almost at the center of Europe
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Busy days, high workload, high expectations

Infineon is an interesting place to work. High expectations from upper management translates to a high workload. It's manageable if you're smart about it.
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Very nice internship

I was there for an internship and liked it a lot. The coworkers are very friendly and helpful, the work pace is very relaxed. There are coffee break niches everywhere, and the cantina is awesome.
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Gute Weiterbildungsmöglichkeiten und nette Kollegen

Die Arbeit ist abwechslungsreich und wenn man etwas dazulernen will wird einem gerne geholfen.


Günstiges Essen
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Bester Arbeitgeber in Österreich

Gute Konditionen, faire Verträge, tolles Arbeitsklima, zuvorkommende Vorgestzte


schlechte Aufstiegschancen
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Friendly Enviroment

In Infineon Technologies, everyday I have to face a challenging task but with the help of my cooperative team and colleges I get succeeded every challenge. Infineon provides a wonderful working environment .
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very good

Identify and detect the problems on the Integrated circuit (IC), by applying a scan path test on the nets which are connected to the combinational logic circuits to identify the problems on the chip with checking to the reference device. Workflow is in Unix, Labview, Knights tool and Hardware specifications are National instruments PXI system OBIRCH (Optical beam induced resistance change). RMA-processing: Initiates and recommends containment/corrective action on the basis of technical analysis. Performs failure analysis on non-conforming material and does 8D-reporting.
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Great place to work

Great place to work, co-workers always helpful and willing to teach and guide. The work pressure is not too much but sometimes can be irritating due to the slow pace of work.


Relaxed work place


Too slow sometimes
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Sehr gutes Arbeitsklima und Arbeitssicherheit

ganzjährig geregelter arbeitsplansehr gut geregelte pausenzeitenmitarbeiter freundlichnette kollegen
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