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About Shpock – the marketplace of the new generation

Shpock is a mobile marketplace that brings millions of private buyers and sellers and local businesses together. The categories range from electronics, fashion and furniture to specialised interests such as cars and property.

Shpock has more than 10 million active users and over 2 billion page impressions. These numbers and regular #1 rankings in the App & Google Play Store in 6 countries (UK, Germany Italy, Austria, Sweden and Norway) make Shpock one of Europe’s most dominant shopping apps.

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Why work at Shpock?

At Shpock you can actively shape an award-winning platform which is used by 10 million users on a regular basis. And we are not stopping here: Grow with us and reach your full potential on our quest to become Europe’s biggest marketplace. Apart from the numbers, what makes Shpock special is the wonderful team full of diverse,
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