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A Challenging Environment with Poor Time Management
Material Handler (Derzeitiger Mitarbeiter) –  Sparks, NV14. Juni 2019
Saying you work with Tesla - at any level and location - is a guaranteed conversation-starter. There is no denying that the vision and the culture of novelty throughout the company are infectious.

However, it's best not to set yourself up for disillusionment: an open mindset and a modicum of intelligence will enable you to learn a variety of skills on the job. But a 12 hour shift is not for everyone, and can be a grind on even the most resilient workers.

I've enjoyed my co-workers since starting, and we are all able to look out for each other. But that said, supervisors and management are not particularly adept with communication, and this has resulted in a steady stream of borderline-unrealistic expectations being placed on employees and on leads - we are asked to do a great deal with insufficient resources and with talent/manpower acquisition lagging months behind where it should be.

This in turn makes an already long work day - and an innately difficult work-life balance - unnecessarily more difficult. Overtime - often of the mandatory kind - has become a common means of fulfilling unexplained production goals. Even absent an active social or family life outside of work, this has lead to unreasonable demands on our time and to physical and psychological exhaustion.

While the source of these problems is likely because of a lack of stability and oversight from further up in the company's corporate leadership, the end result is invariably burnout and a breakdown of work-life balance.

+ Decent starting pay and benefits
+ Good co-workers
+ Learning opportunities
+ Good off-time schedule (on paper)

- Excessive reliance on overtime by management
- Degrading work-life balance
- Poor communication between supervisors/managers and employees and leads
- Opportunities for pay raises and/or promotions fleeting at best
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Fast Pace, High Demands, Low Pay, Poor Management, Fake Bonuses
Service Technician (Derzeitiger Mitarbeiter) –  Santa Monica, CA16. Oktober 2019
Tesla makes great cars but the people they hire for managerial roles are abysmal. You never get pay raises, and the managers are only concerned with themselves and their bonuses. Speaking of bonuses, Tesla does NOT offer bonuses to non managerial employees. Only stock options that only have value after 4yrs of vesting.

The shop leaders only promote and give opportunity to their friends and acquaintances from outside of work or within a racial circle. Being bi-lingual is a MUST if you are to make friends of the managers and get opportunity REGARDLESS OF SKILL LEVEL AND ABILITY.

If you are a high performer, you get work shoved in your face while the favorites sit down and take their time chopping it up with the manager and shop leader.

Tesla needs to clean the slate and fix this mess, no wonder they're going under.

If the managers initials are "J.P." please run far and DONT join the Santa Monica Team.

I would NEVER work here again. The nicest part was meeting celebrities and driving fast cars after fixing them.
Benefits, Fast Cars
Everything else about this place.
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Excelente ambiente de trabajo
Especialista de producto (Derzeitiger Mitarbeiter) –  Ciudad de México16. Oktober 2019
Trabajo muy movido y demandante, todo el equipo se apoya entre todos y se tiene una gran cultura de trabajo en equipo
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