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In order to train our creativity and trend awareness, we not only travel the world, we also take advantage of the diversity of our colleagues.

Young Talents at TOM TAILOR

Continuous promotion of young talent is a key element at TOM TAILOR and everybody knows that.

Showroom Hamburg

One of our 5 Showrooms. Represented in Hamburg.

Working at TOM TAILOR means.....

We simply enjoy our work and are always on the lookout for new challenges. That’s why we continuously encourage ourselves and others to make progress.

Fun at the Office in our Headquater in Hamburg

We enjoy our job, we are proud to be part of this team and we give it our all.


The TOM TAILOR Group is an international fashion and lifestyle company with a focus on fashionable Casual Wear. Because of our various sub-brands with clearly defined brand essences we feel at home in many different fashion segments and are interesting for nearly the entire target group spectrum. Furthermore, continuously discovering new trends and – mehr... 

  • You are fashionable, want to wear the latest TOM TAILOR trends and earn money out of it? 🙂
We have the perfect job for you as a fitting model. Our female division is hiring for the EU sizes 36, 38 & 48. Our male division is searching for M & 3XL.
Interested? Please apply now or write us a message for more info. 
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Once again TOM TAILOR’s designers showed their agility and created an astonishing new product line called “mine to five. This means looking good, serious and smart on the job, but also casual enough to be the woman you are in any situation. Wear it in meetings, at a children’s birthday or for afterwork drinks with friends. The new all-rounder look “mine to five” is casual, fashionable and yet suitable for office use. Online and in TOM TAILOR stores from February 2020. 
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  • Meet our Sales & Brand VPs & Directors ! 🙂 
TOM TAILOR is at the Panoroma Berlin from 02.07. to 04.07 to present our new product lines "My True Me" and "Mine to five".
This could be your chance to meet them and discuss their open vacancies in Sales and Brand!
Please comment so that we arrange an appointment with one of them. 
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  • A warm welcome to Suzanna Smith, our new Director of Global Sourcing 👏. Suzanna will mostly sit in our Hong Kong office, when she is not traveling around the world ✈️. We wish you a great start and were glad to meet you personally in Hamburg during your first weeks! ☺️ #onboarding #tomtailor #hamburg #hongkong #sourcing #welcome #dontfollowexplore
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