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Solid Employer, great benefits

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Smart people, great benefits, value reliability and trustworthiness
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Messy employer, but with many international opportunities to grab

The everchanging management and strategy makes it impossible to make yourself sure of the path you're in for more than one year straight, but this also allows you to take on new opportunities on both a local and international level. Just be flexible and patient.


International environment and opportunities (to be reached)


Unreliable and hardly trustable management
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Langsam, satt, fett, alt...

Nichts für junge Leute, die etwas bewegen wollen. Bürokratischer Apparat, in dem jeder versucht, möglichst viel Arbeit auf andere zu schieben. Permanente Abbaumentalität und italienische Eigentümer, die nur Chaos und Anti-Qualität beitragen. Schicke Anzüge und Wichtigtuerei sind in Milano gefragt. Wer mit dem Arbeitsleben abgeschlossen hat, kann gerne in der Bank Austria anfangen. Jeder mit Herz, Hirn und Motivation sollte sich hier schnellstens entfernen.
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Tolles Unternehmen, aber...

Wir leider zu Tode strukturiert. An sich ein super Arbeitgeber und die Mitarbeiter geben oftmals 110 %, aber die Strukturen sind leider zu starr. Leider einen schlechten Vorgesetzten erwischt
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Productive work place.

Dear Indeed team... this field - "review".. seriously? Are you really pushing me to type a story here?? For what? I am interesting of jobs you offer, but not about wrinting a story of my life !!!
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Financing & Advisory, Export & Investment Finance

The investment finance part mainly consisted of going over Business plans of SMEs and to determine whether they were eligible for structured loans. Special institutions would thus reduce their interest payments. Export finance was mainly concerned with providing structured loans for the export and import of goods. To safeguard against; Political risk, Market risk, Production risk. A typical day at work included; Reading Business plans to determine whether they were eligible for a structured loan. Filling documents of existing clients, for loans. Assessing the risk of a potential new loans. I learned what was required in a professional work environment. With regard to loans I learned that specific projects within firms can benefit from structured loans. For example if the country is investing in tourism to a certain region, a project that will increase tourism to that region can benefit from a structured loan and pay reduced interest rates. The workplace culture was very friendly, and supportive of my position as intern. They were always ready to answer any question I had. The hardest part of the job: Knowing about all the financial products/possibilites offered in detail. The most enjoyable part of the job: Reading business plans to find potential financing opportunities.
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was just an internship ok salary ok colleagues nothing special good famous name good to have on the cv wouldn't work there if I could choose hope this is enough
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Produktiver Arbeitsplatz

Eine rasche, kundenfreundliche und informative Zusammenarbeit mit den Kunden stand stets an der Tagesordnung
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guter Arbeitgeber

flexible Arbeitszeit, familienfreundlich, sehr gute Ausbildungsmöglichkeiten, guter Verdienst, sicherer Arbeitsplatz, Wechsel Aufgabengebiet innerhalb der Firma möglich




Italienischer Eigentümer
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leistungsorientierter Betrieb

im Laufe von 27 Jahren wurden verschiedene Arbeitsbereiche im Vertrieb und zentrale erfolgreich abgedeckt
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good team

The atmosphere in the Bank is very friendly and positive.
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the atmosphere is great. Management is treating me well. There are enough tasks for me as an intern. Their attitude is very nice.
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International Assignment

My experience may differ drastically from that of my US counterparts as I worked internationally.
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Diversity in many aspects

Nontheless the team in the branch in Feldkirch our manager was able to keep a very familiar atmosphere. The every day work was diversified. My responsibilities went from the customer apointments, sales, customer service, till to all the back office work like contract compliation and preparation. Also all the team had to work very close together about exceeding sales targets as well as in customer acquisition. The hardest part of the job was keeping track of the fast changing guidelines and the current market situation to be able to work propperly in the various divisions. I enjoyed having a wide range of responsibilities, focussing on my own targets as well as working in a great team.
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Fun place to work with great co-workers

I started work at 8:00am but usually got there at between 6:45am and 7:15am. No matter how early I got there, if there was a colleague at work before me they would always welcome me with a smile on their face. The valuable lessons I took from this work experience were great team work. The system we used on our computers needed a lot of updates from time to time, which would make it harder for us to carry out our work. However, in our department we knew this before we get into work as our supervisor would have informed us via e-mail or a text message first thing in the morning. A lot of my co-workers were younger than me but there were also those that were a lot older than me. They were the ones that trained me and did a great job at that in my opinion. I would not say that there was any part of my job that was hard. However, there were days where some of my daily tasks would take longer to complete due to requests coming from bank branches. On the other hand, the most enjoyable part was having breakfast with the whole department every second and last Friday of the month. We would have long tables full of bread, cheese, ham, cereal, orange juice etc.


Great teamwork


Office location
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Strong bank due to many mergers!

This bank is great and was going through 3 mergers since 1997. It had lots of issues during the process, but now after 15 years it is strengthen again.
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