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Fun place to work with great co-workers

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I started work at 8:00am but usually got there at between 6:45am and 7:15am. No matter how early I got there, if there was a colleague at work before me they would always welcome me with a smile on their face. The valuable lessons I took from this work experience were great team work. The system we used on our computers needed a lot of updates from time to time, which would make it harder for us to carry out our work. However, in our department we knew this before we get into work as our supervisor would have informed us via e-mail or a text message first thing in the morning. A lot of my co-workers were younger than me but there were also those that were a lot older than me. They were the ones that trained me and did a great job at that in my opinion. I would not say that there was any part of my job that was hard. However, there were days where some of my daily tasks would take longer to complete due to requests coming from bank branches. On the other hand, the most enjoyable part was having breakfast with the whole department every second and last Friday of the month. We would have long tables full of bread, cheese, ham, cereal, orange juice etc.


Great teamwork


Office location
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